It doesn’t matter if our clients are single location companies or multi-state conglomerates, LaRocca and Associates specializes in enhancing the open enrollment experience. Each industry has a preferred method of capturing enrollment data ranging from paper applications to online enrollments. Our teams are staffed with multi-lingual enrollers that are capable of group or one-on-one meetings, webinars, call center support or any other setting you prefer. Our implementation division brings an extensive level of expertise and professionalism to every open enrollment with the main objective of educating employees and ensuring their comfort with the benefits offered.


Enrollment Solutions

The LaRocca and Associates Implementation team is assigned to each client to alleviate the time and hassle of open enrollment:

  • Live enrollments to explain each benefit and educate on how to use the plans properly
  • Assist each employee with all application information
    Answer questions both in a group setting as well as personal related issues in private conversations
  • Collect all data to submit to each carrier expediting the implementation timeline

Technology-Based Enrollment

Live Enrollment

  • Face to face enrollment using our customizable enrollment technology
  • On-Line Enrollment Portal:
    • Employees can enroll through our web-based enrollment portals at their discretion
    • Private and secure information assigned to each class of employees, if applicable
    • All benefit summaries, SPD’s and FAQ’s are easily accessible
    • Live premium calculations with each selected benefit giving employees exact dollar amounts based on Employer Contributions
  • Telephonic Enrollment:
    • Regional Call Centers to assist in “real time” enrollment
    • Helpdesk for any questions
    • Multi-lingual enrollers
  • Ongoing/New Hire Enrollment:
    • Whether there is a new hire or qualifying event, each employee has access to the tech-based solutions for ease of enrollment.
    • All information will be sent to the Plan Administrator for accuracy and confirmation
    • All completed information is accessible to the Plan Administrator through a separately designed portal.

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