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Through our wellness partners and in-house team, we provide our clients access to an on-site wellness consultant dedicated to increase employee participation and customize a program specific to each of our clients’ goals and expectations. These programs consist of Telemedicine, Virtual ER/Urgent Care, Health-Benefits Concierge, 1:1 Plan Selection, Medical Bill Review, Secondary Medical Opinion, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Incentive Management and much more. We only offer the most effective cutting-edge solutions on the market, those that will provide true ROI.


Wellness Capabilities

  • Features & Benefits
    • Branding
    • Content Flexibility
    • Incentive & Coaching Based Platforms
  • Population Health
    • Health Assessment
    • Risk Advisor
    • Wellness Workshops
  • Reporting Analytics


  • Comprehensive Medical Care
    • 24/7 access to ER Doctors
    • Doctors who can handle a complete range of medical inquiries, from colds to life-threatening illness
    • Physicians who stay with the case from intake to close
    • Average wait time of 7 minutes
    • 98% Case Resolution
    • Telepsychiatry Services
    • Referral to the appropriate specialist
    • Unnecessary ER and Urgent Care visits eliminate Prescription Refills and Medication Monitoring
    • X-rays and labs ordered directly and cost-effectively
  • Cost Effective Solution
    • Zero Claim Hits
    • $0 Copay/Consult Fees
    • $0 Setup Fees
    • True ER Physician Care with Workers Comp solution


  • Comprehensive Benefits Advocacy
    • Facility & Doctor Reviews
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Appointment Reminders
    • Medical Records Transfer
    • Provider Comparison Reports
    • Ancillary Benefit Support
    • Prescription Assistance
  • Cost Savings
    • Claims Adjudication and Resolution
    • Complex Billing Questions
    • Pre-Authorizations Assistance
    • HSA/HSA Reimbursement
    • Detailed Cost Comparison Reports
    • Claims Appeal Tracking
  • Benefits Navigation
    • Open Enrollment Support
    • Plan Selection 1:1 Consultations
    • 15-minute Benefit Refreshers
    • Concierge, White Glove Support
    • Detailed and Ongoing Service Analysis
    • Dedicated Relationship Management


  • Comprehensive Wellness Programs
    • Wellness Workshops with interactive, multi-week programs based on individual risk factors
    • Team Challenges & Customized Meal Plans in the context of individual goals Exercise Plans with instructional video & Incentive Tracking
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Targeted Communication Tools
    • HealthWise Knowledgebase with symptom checker
    • Dietitian/Trainer Communications
    • Automated reminders
    • Personal Progress Reports (140+ ad- hoc reports)
    • NCQA Certified PHA with health data integration
  • Device Connectivity
    • Full Mobile Application Integrates with most third-party wearable devices (Fitbit, Garmin, etc.)


With the data from an on-site biometric test or online risk assessment, our platform pinpoints major risks for each individual and develops a strategy to reduce these concerns. Whether it be through an in-depth exercise routine, a detailed nutritional guide with dietetic calculators or a meal plan with recipes and shopping lists, employees will have the assistance of nutritionists, personal trainers and nurses to achieve their ultimate goal.

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Benefits Consulting

Benefits Consulting

LaRocca & Associates believes in an “outside the box” approach to offer rich programs tailored to each of our clients’ unique needs.
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Analytics & Benchmarking

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Our advanced marketing analysis allows us to anticipate the shifting landscape and evolve before your competition can respond.
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Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

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LaRocca Health+

Building a stronger, healthy team means a healthier bottom line.
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Our community, where we live and work, is an extension of our family.
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